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To connect consciousness and unconsciousness .

At the present time, is not so many people to know its name.

However, artists with a first-class experimental spirit in the current scene, it's Space Thunder X (STX).

He organized the "TOKYO ELECTRO BEAT PARK" in 2000s. This is a foundation of ELECTRO that was born in Tokyo, he is the center members.

He released several EP from "TOKYO ELECTRO BEAT RECORDINGS" label that is record label based on TEBP.

Still today, he is doing a live performance / DJ play.


STX + TDM is his live performance unit.

TDM aka DJ Tiredharmamat is his buddy.

It usually, He play with him when the live performance.


STX said "To connect consciousness and unconsciousness". That is recent theme of him.

His attitude to pursue a music that can be make only to himself is authentic.

His desire to curation will not stop as long as music continue to exist in the world.

And, his sound that are ringing somewhere in Tokyo even now.

Space Thunder X is young people who feel the possibilities for the future.

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